We are so excited to give you a sneak peek of our 2019 artists. Keep your eyes out for more being added in the coming weeks.

Justine Smith

Justine Smith creates 2D art in various media as well as venturing into textile pieces.  An ongoing interest in flora, fauna and abstract art comes across in a variety of styles. Justine's hopes are that her work brings the viewer as much joy as it brings her to create it. 

Image credits -  Peony I: Watercolour and ink on hot pressed watercolour paper. Dimensions – 512 x 393 mm. 

Peony 2: Watercolour, ink and acrylic paint on hot pressed watercolour paper. Dimensions – 573 x 447 mm.

Julie Hayes

Julie Hayes is a local artist with a passion for creating in any medium. Interested in capturing a moment, a sense of a moment and converting it into her art. She has worked with ceramics, wire and metal and is currently exploring welding, enabling her to do larger pieces which she continues to  find exciting. 

Image credits - ‘ Movement ’ This horse sculpture is an exploration in expressing a single moment in a horses relaxed fluid movement . It is galvanized wire with a welded frame, the stand is Core 10 which will rust up nicely if left in the weather contrasting with the silver of the wire.

Gary Beresford

As a South Gippsland resident, Gary Beresford loves photographing the region, its landscapes, birds, people and event. It’s rich fodder for the camera. 

Image credits - Hovering Spinebill – Eastern Spinebills are the Australian answer the hummingbird, hovering amongst the flowers to feed. I never tire of them.
Dusty Work – Taken at the Korumburra Working Horse and Tractor show this year.

Mario Mirabile

Mario Mirabile is a Melbourne based photographer who practices many styles of photography, but sees himself primarily as an observer and interpreter of the built environment through stylized street photography and urban landscape work.

Mirabile is strongly drawn to and motivated by the compositional constructs of the natural and un-natural geometry which surrounds us. While themes and series form an important part of his practice, ultimately he make images for the sheer pleasure and satisfaction he finds in doing so.


Image credits - No Parking, Impressions of Venice

James Barratt

Born and raised in Melbourne, Barratt took up painting after a bout of chronic fatigue.

He was tutored by Robert Muntz (U.S) for 12 months, who was taught by Pablo Picasso as a young man. Muntz was commissioned to paint U.S presidents along with many actors to much acclaim. Barratt gained much from Muntz with relation to tonal influence of light and artistic license. A former member of the Yarra Valley Art Society, Barratt now resides and exhibits in the Latrobe Valley where he is more consumed with artistic expression and involved with other artists.