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Arty Bras - “Bring Back the Bras”


In 2010 the fun & quirky exhibition “Arty Bras” was formed.  This began as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer, where several bras were donated to the community, to be decorated and displayed during the Mirboo Nth Arty Gras Festival over the Mothers Day weekend.

It was well received and was the beginning of many more years of fun exhibits.  In 2011, I took over the role of organising this annual exhibition, deciding to give it a different theme every year.  We have covered shoes, handbags, hats, gloves, buttons, gumboots, aprons & umbrellas.  

It is now the tenth year of this humble little exhibition…so we are having a Birthday Bash with a Bang!!...& I’m calling it an ‘Arty Bras Reunion’.  “Bring Back The Bras”….we would love to see gorgeously decorated (or hand made) bras or any creative variation of this feisty fashion number. But in addition to this….we would luuuurve any previous entries from any of the themes over the 10 years! If you still have your lovingly made entries from years gone by…then bring them in!

The idea behind Arty Bras is to showcase the work from anybody in the local community who wish to express their creative flair & have a bit of fun. So the entries can entail anything as long as it resembles the theme.  It can be handmade from scratch or decorate an existing item…we have had shoes made from chocolate, handbags made out of books, Barbie inspired & decorated sombreros, glove monsters, garbage truck pictures made from buttons, farm inspired gumboots, and aprons made from nan’s bits & bobs….the ideas are endless…and are totally up to you how you make your creation!

 Visitors to Arty Bras get to not only enjoy these marvelous creations, but also get to vote on their favourite piece.  The influx of childrens entries over the years has seen me open up the voting polls to an Open Section plus a Kids Section (12 years and under)  Local businesses are very generous in donating prizes to both sections. 

The exhibition has been held in various buildings around the town, but is now a regular feature at ArtSpace.  The generous ArtSpace committee have offered their space up for the whole month of May, which is fabulous, as the beautiful pieces then get continued exposure long after the weekend is over.  ArtSpace is open Wednesdays to Sundays 10am-4pm…Arty Bras will officially open to the public at 10am Saturday 11th May with voting open on the Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm.  Winners announced after 4pm Sunday.  All entries must be handed into ArtSpace by Sunday 5th May. 

This exhibition relies on the amazing entries from the towns folk…and I really hope people embrace this years theme of BRAS again….heres looking forward to another amazing exhibition…”Bring Back the Bras”

Arty Bras Contact Kylie Cannizzo 0438 682 800