COVID Safety

The committee have been working hard to make this year’s 39th Mirboo North Art Show a COVIDSafe event.

Whilst COVIDSafe settings are ever-variable (current settings can be found here we’ve taken particular steps to help reduce the risks of COVID spreading by:

  • capping numbers for indoor workshops to allow for physical distancing of 1.5m;

  • providing hand sanitiser and disposable face masks;

  • cleaning / disinfecting throughout the event;

  • displaying COVIDSafe signs to encourage continued COVIDSafe behaviour.

Other Precautions

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In line with Victoria’s current COVIDSafe settings, we also encourage everybody in attendance to wear a mask if you:

  • are indoors;

  • have any COVID-19 symptoms;

  • are with people who are at high risk to COVID-19;

  • are in a space where you cannot physically distance.

And whilst we are looking forward to seeing you all there – please don’t attend if you are feeling unwell, have tested positive to COVID-19 or are still in your isolation period. We promise we’ll be back next year for our big 4-0!